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History Of D’Champion

On June 20, 2023, D'Champion was inaugurated in the
Meeting Room at the MSI Sidoarjo office.
This groundbreaking initiative emerged from the
collective minds of four MSI Founders: Darwan, I Made
Suweca Yasa, Amir Prayoga, and Tatik Kusyanti.
D'Champion serves as a vessel for achieving the
collective dreams. The dynamic world of Network
Marketing demands a harmonious collaboration
between the company, Top Leaders, and the entire
network of Partners in pursuit of a common goal :
becoming The Champion

Philosophy Of D’Champion

The very name "D'Champion" carries a profound meaning as The Champion. The "D" stands for"Dynamic," representing the firm adaptability and enthusiasm to staying relevant in a changing world. Meanwhile, "Champion" signifies as the Winner or the Conqueror.

Born as a tangible manifestation of the commitment of MSI Founders and Management, D'Champion stands as a tough support for Network Marketing Partners. As a Support System of MSI, D’Champion is an integrated system of small and simple components that comes together to form a system that will work in building a strong distribution network.


What D'Champion
Support System Provide ?

D'Champion is ready to support the needs of all its Partners. One of the ways D'Champion supports the progress
of its partners is by providing tools that will make it easier for partners to develop strong and sustainable networks.
Some of the things prepared by the D'Champion Support System include

Business School

Training and Workshops:

D'Champion is committed to empowering its partners and helping them achieve success in the MSI business. We offer a
comprehensive range of online & offline training led by experienced MSI speakers and trainers.

Products Knowledge

D'Champion is dedicated to empowering its partners with comprehensive product knowledge. This ensures they can confidently represent MSI's diverse product range across various categories, including beauty, health, accessories, and automotive products. We achieve this through a continuous learning approach focused on in-person training sessions and regular webinars led by experienced MSI Product Consultants.

Marketing Materials

D'Champion is committed to empowering its partners with a comprehensive suite of marketing tools, including brochures, motivational books, t-shirts, watches, pouches, and other branded merchandise.

Branded merchandise that prominently displays the MSI logo or brand message plays a crucial role in enhancing brand awareness among potential Partners.

Marketing Tools

Brosur Produk MSI
Brosur Produk MSI
Brosur Elite Force
Brosur Elite Force
Modul Produk herbal
Modul Produk herbal
Electricity Demo Kit
Electricity Demo Kit
Banner MSI
Banner MSI
Rp80.000 - Rp120.000
Flipchart Produk herbal
Flipchart Produk herbal
Roll Banner MSi
Roll Banner MSi
Rp80.000 - Rp260.000
Flipchart Bisnis MSI
Flipchart Bisnis MSI